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Alex Roman

- Born in Madrid, Spain in 1972 - Alex Roman has been involved in art in one shape or form his entire life. A graduate from the University of Austin in Texas with a BA in Studio Art, Alex has always experimented with new styles or techniques and is constantly evolving his style and creations.

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Early on in his life, he was influenced greatly by his parents which were both artists as well as always being surrounded by creativity since both his other brothers were artists as well.

Other influences in his work are artists such as Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, Rene Magrite, MC Escher and countless other artists from all different eras.

Upon graduating from College, Alex taught himself web development and began a career which involved taking all his knowledge about design and lighting and applying it to this new venue. What eventually evolved was a way for Alex to display his work for the world to see and enjoy at all times.

Styles constantly change and new ideas always emerge and the end results are new ways of expression and an ever changing look and feel to his work.

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